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Z Room Mesa

FAQ Mesa

​Z Room Mesa (Gilbert Dr.)


How do I rent the Z Room for my class/filming/practice?

Renting our space is easy and automated! Follow the directions and start here. If you need a weekly time and day please follow the directions here.

How big is the studio?

 Z Room @ Gilbert Dr. Mesa is about 1900 sqft.

How high are the ceiling?

The lowest part of the ceiling is the air duct and that is at 10ft 7.5in. Most of the ceiling is higher than that but there are lights and registers that hang down making the overall height limit 10'-7.5". You can still do some basic air tricks in Lindy Hop but it is too short for most cheerleading stunts.

Do you have chairs & tables?

No we do not provide tables or chairs at this location.

Do you have special lights?

YES! We have several lighting options for classes and events.  We have moody tea lights (large Christmas lights) around the room.  We have LED disco lights for color and movement.  We have filming lights so that you can be well lit from the front.

How do I reserve a regular spot at the Z Room?

Our online booking is not designed to create regular rentals, so you need to email about getting a regular spot and adding a class to the calendar. More information is here.

Ready to Book Mesa? It's super easy.

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