I want to

rent weekly!

Great! We are so excited to have you at the Z Room! Here are the steps to getting a regular spot on the calendar.

Step 1: Check the calendar of the location you want. Make sure the day and time that you want is available. If it looks taken, check a few months out to see if there is a regular class in that spot or if it is just booked for the next few weeks.

Step 2: Contact us! You can either send an email to RentTheZRoom@gmail.com or call us at ‪(623) 349-1557‬ to get the process started.

Please note: there is no pricing difference for a regular rental. The benefits of booking a regular spot is that you are guaranteed the time and day and that you will be included on the online calendar. We also do our best to feature your class videos on our Instagram. 

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Step 3



Please pick a location to see the available schedule and pricing information

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