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Z Room Mesa

Studio Walkthrough

Thank you for booking the Z Room. You MUST read this walkthrough so you know how to use all our bells and whistles! 

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Copy of Large Insta Icon.png
Opening the Studio Mesa
  1. Opening the Studio

The lock box code is given to you after you fill out the rental agreement. Didn’t fill it out? The link is at the bottom of this guide.

Every once in a while there’s an emergency with the key. Maybe the box won’t open or someone neglectfully forgot to put the key back. (That’s a $200.00 charge.)  There is a backup key box below.

The front door can stick a bit. If you are having trouble, try pushing the door in as you turn the key in the lock.

2. The Keybox

The Keybox

To access the key inside the keybox

  1. ‘Clear’ the box with the center tab

  2. Input the code

  3. Pushdown on the top silver tab

  4. Pull out


To place the key back in the box, please repeat the same steps!


The lock box code is given you after you fill out the rental agreement. 

The Lights & Systems

3. The Lights & Systems

Everything in the studio is turned on and off by light switches. They are all labeled!

There are:

  • House lights
  • Fans

  • Music power

  • Stage lights (outlets under the stage)

  • Disco lights

  • Back lights (the lights for filming against the z room logo)

  • Stage outlets

A row of 6 light switches that are labeled by function and circut number. A second row below with three light switches. These are the controls for light, fans, sound system etc.
The Sound System

4. The Sound System

The sound system is controlled by a mixing box located in the front of the studio.


Please do not mess with any of the settings, buttons, dials, or knobs! The bottom right knob is the only knob to adjust. It adjusts the volume.


This is what everything is supposed to look like:

A basic mixer is shown with two cords coming out of Line in 3-4 and a large pink arrow points to the "Main Mix" dial which is how you control the volume

Every once in a while, someone does mess with the sound system. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience. But, it can be fixed!

Troubleshooting the Sound System

If there is no power to the mixer or the speakers and you have turned the light switch for 'Music Outlets' ON, the next step is:

  1. Go to the Fuse Box that controls the power outlets (next to the light switches)

  2. Locate Fuse # 28 (it controls the power outlets that the mixer is plugged into)

  3. You must turn this fuse OFF all the way and then click it back ON. 

After that, the power should go back on.

A large fuse box with a pink arrow pointing to fuse #28 which can sometimes malfunction and will need to be flipped off and then on again to work
Fuse #28

The Mixer

Refer to photo above for visual guide.

  1. Double check your device volume is up. (Yes, it has happened before that this was the problem.)

  2. Check that the mixer box is powered on.

  3. Set all knobs EXCEPT the volume to half way.

  4. The ‘to tape’ button should be depressed IN.

  5. Plug in your device and begin playing sound.

  6. Gradually increase the sound on the mixer. If you get to half way and there’s still no sound, there’s a problem with the speakers.

  7. Set the volume to one quarter with your music still playing and… go to the next set of steps!

The Speakers

  1. Check that the speakers are still plugged into the wall outlets.

  2. On the bottom speakers, there’s a switch on the back, make sure that is turned ON. There will be a small blue light that will be on.

  3. Check that the cables connecting the speakers to the mixer are connected.

Still not working? Please notify us at ‪(623) 349-1557‬ and DM our Instagram ASAP @ZRoom_Official . A couple calls and a text message is best.


The AC/Heater

5. The AC/Heater

There are two units. Right and left and receive power from their respective fuses. Sometimes the fuses turn off and need to be turned back on. They need to be pushed IN and are clearly labeled in the boxes.

Please use the AC and heat at your convenience.

A nest thermostat is lit up and set at 66 degrees
Locking Up

6. Locking Up

Always lock the doors before you leave. If there is another renter directly after your rental you must ask them the code (if they don't know it then give us a call ‪(623) 349-1557‬ or DM us @ZRoom_Official and lock up after your time is done.


Do NOT give the key to anyone who doesn't know the code. If they don't know the code it means they haven't completed the rental process. You will be liable if you give the key to someone who doesn't know the code/didn't finish the rental process.

A hand is holding a key
Renter Agreement

7. Renter Agreement

You are now ready to sign the renters agreement. Please bookmark this page so you can reference the studio manual or download a copy of the manual by clicking here.

Fill out the renter agreement and you will receive the keycode at the end of the form. Have a fabulous rental. Thanks for picking the Z Room for your studio needs!!!

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