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Hey Z Room friends! It is high time we do an update about our Tempe location. We have been working super hard behind the scenes to secure a new location for our Tempe studio. You probably have lots of questions, so we will try to answer as many of them as we can.


Why are we moving? 

Our landlords raised our rent 60%! It is time to find a better fit facility for our dancers that is maintained to a high standard. We have toured several potential locations and have put in an application on our favorite site, but we are still waiting to find out the status of our bid. We will keep you posted! We are trying to stay in Tempe if at all possible. If you have a lead on a good spot email us please!


What happens if we can’t secure a site before June 1st? 

In this scenario, we will refund all future reservations for our Tempe studio. For weekly renters, we will try to help everyone get set up at Mesa (if that location is available and works for their needs). We will continue to pursue a new location for our Tempe studio and hope to re-open our second location ASAP


What do you need to do if you have a reservation at Tempe past June 1st?

Nothing. We will be refunding all reservations for Tempe past June 1st. This process will begin on May 15th assuming our new lease doesn’t pull through last minute. If you have a reservation in June for Tempe, you don’t need to do anything yourself. If you want to use our Mesa location instead, please book your spot right away. 


We apologize for the disruption in studio space. We know that a lot of you make important income through dance and the last thing we want is to affect your businesses. We truly tried to find a new location before our current lease is up, but there currently isn’t much commercial real estate in Tempe that will work for our business model. As a small business that is run by dancers, we truly appreciate your business and support while we make this transition. We love being a part of the dance community in Arizona and we look forward to providing studio space to all for many years to come.


How can you support us during the transition?

-Please have patience with us while we work through the schedule and try to help everyone that needs it.

-Let us know if you know of a good space for lease for the Z Room in Tempe or in Phoenix.

-Support our Mesa location as much as you can by renting there or giving us 5 star reviews on google for that location. Because that spot is much newer we don’t have as many reviews there yet so it would be a great help!


-Reach out if you have ideas, questions, concerns. It may take us longer than usual but we want to stay connected throughout this process. So many of you have rented from us for up to 7 years and appreciate you so very much!!


Thank you thank you thank you!!


Z-Room Owner

You can still rent Mesa!

Book your spot at our Mesa location instead. We still have some desireable weekly times available for regular classes too.

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